Where Is Dyson Going To Build Its Electric Cars?

We already know that the leader of (very expensive) vaccum cleaners is working on an Electric Vehicle project, with three models already in ...

We already know that the leader of (very expensive) vaccum cleaners is working on an Electric Vehicle project, with three models already in the works. The first, a low-volume model of no more than 10,000 units, will be followed by two mass-produced models. We remind our readers that Dyson makes vaccum cleaners, and also bladeless fans and technologically advanced hairdryers. While these are all technology-packed, they are not cars.

But the eponymous founder, Sir James Dyson, is a brilliant engineer and an even more brilliant businessman, who have made a success of packing loads of technology into common household items and selling them at premium prices. So we await eagerly for the reveal of the first model in 2019; that's next year, which means that Dyson needs to chop chop.

Speaking of chop chop, a phrase that originated from the Chinese language, we seque (awkwardly) to where Dyson's highly anticipated EVs will be built. While the car is being developed in the UK, Sir James mentioned to Reuters that it is likely that the cars will be built where the batteries will be built, and the Far East is a likely location.

"We want to be in a place that welcomes us and is friendly to us, and where it is logistically most sensible. And we see a very large market for this car in the Far East," he said. So, China tops the list, besides the UK, Singapore and Malaysia also vying to make EV cars for Dyson.

Meanwhile, Dyson already has 400 employees working on the project, but with the deadline drawing near, the company is looking to hire 300 more people as it moves to a second R&D centre in Britain, at Hullavington Airfield.

Having the R&D and manufacturing facilities for Dyson's EV Project in your country not only results in job opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workers, but also shows that you have the infrastructure to support cutting-edge technology.

So, Sir James, here are some reasons why you should make your EVs in Automology's home country of Malaysia:
  1. You already make Dyson's other products here (but they are not cheaper here...whhhyyy?). So, you already know the 'lay of the land', so to speak, and can leverage on some of your existing suppliers and network.
  2. The Malaysian government is very pro-EV and have plans to turn the country into a marketing hub for EVs. 
  3. Amongst all the countries contending for the coveted contract, our food is the best. And with that, this writer rests her case.
Where Dyson vacuums are born—Johor, Malaysia.


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