Test Drive: The All-New Perodua Myvi Advance 1.5

Automologist ATHERTON test drives the range-topping All-New Myvi. Were his expectations met?  Amidst overwhelming response and sales numbe...

Automologist ATHERTON test drives the range-topping All-New Myvi. Were his expectations met? 

Amidst overwhelming response and sales numbers after the launch of the All-New Myvi, I test drove the Advance variant to experience first-hand this national icon—and a national icon it is. Many households have a Myvi as a first, second or third car; such is the appeal of this compact automobile.

Top of the range All-New Myvi 1.5L AV.

Firstly, you will notice that the shape has changed to attain a sleeker appearance, and it now sits lower, and is wider and longer than its predecessor.

The All-New Myvi has a Smart Entry and a Push Start/Stop Button (brilliant, yes) and as I took the car out of the showroom, the engine gradually picked up its pace. You have to bear in mind that this is not a pocket-rocket, but a well-balanced and economical car that is totally practical, be it for singles, couples or small families.

Like I said previously, at a glance it looks like a VW Golf, to me. The variant I test drove had all the bells and whistles, and I must reiterate the fact that it has a host of features that you would only find in high-end cars. Space is generous, and legroom for the drivers and passengers were a surprise. You don’t feel like you’re cramped in a box.

The dashboard layout is slanted towards the driver and it gives you that, cliché as it may sound, racy feel. Everything is laid out in a nice and clean way. It is ergonomically designed and Perodua doesn’t leave you guessing what those instrument clusters are for.

All variants have LED headlamps, with auto-off and follow-me-home functions, as well as headlamp levelling. In this day and age, why many reputable brands lack this makes me wonder...

LED Headlamps is standard across all variants.  

The multi-function leather-strapped steering is good, with just the right amount of weight to it. It has audio and 'receive call' control, which certainly is helpful and another feature which you would find in high-spec vehicles.

The semi-bucket leather seats are certainly an upgrade and it felt comfy. After pushing back the front seats to the max, I sat at the back and had about a couple of inches of space from my knee. The rear seats can be folded 60:40 and gives you extra room for luggage or other items.

Another great feature it has is a built-in toll reader. There is a magnetic latch on the driver’s side where you can insert your Touch ‘n Go card, and it has a display that shows you your credit balance as well. On the dashboard, there is a transmitter that makes your use of the Smart Tag lane that much easier. A well-thought-out convenience.

This is where you slot in your Touch ‘n Go.  

The ‘Eco Idle’ system saves petrol when the traffic is at a halt. You can’t imagine the amount of savings you’d enjoy with this. Turning radius was good—no going back and forth to manoeuvre into a tight spot or when u-turning in a narrow space.

As I was driving, I remembered that not too long ago, I drove an MPV which had two airbags. But this Advance version has six! And even the lower-spec units have a minimum of four. No, I’m not condoning driving like a maniac just because there are four or six airbags, but it was heartening to know that, having my family with me, the additional number of airbags would keep them safe.

6 airbags keeping you and loved ones safe.  

Shopping bag hooks, cup holders, reverse camera, ABS with EBD, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Hill-Start Assist (HAS), Traction Control (TRC), Emergency Stop Signal (ESS), Advanced Safety Assist (ASA), and seatbelt reminder for all passengers are just some of the features found in this variant, for a price of RM55,300.00 on-the-road without insurance.

Though it was a short trip around the vicinity of my neighbourhood, I could conclude that the All-New Myvi will sell like hot cakes, and other manufacturers will have a hard time playing catch-up. After the test drive, I can quite confidently say that Perodua has nailed it for the masses. My advice is to erase any doubts that you have and go test drive it for yourself.


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