Proudly Philippine-Made: One Bus to Rule Them All

Philippine correspondent, HAROLD, is back again with more solutions for the country's public transportation system. I really wonder ...

Philippine correspondent, HAROLD, is back again with more solutions for the country's public transportation system.

I really wonder why we still see coach-type tourist buses used as mass transport in the Philippines, when we are already making the most comfortable low-floor, wide-door buses, powered by the most fuel-efficient EURO 5-compliant engine. The enhanced Daewoo Bus BS120SN, Daewoo’s newest mass transport vehicle, is now being manufactured at the Sta. Rosa Motor Works, Inc., the largest bus manufacturing plant in the country, situated in Laguna Province (some 40 kilomoters south of Manila). This is being undertaken by Columbian Manufacturiang Corporation, Daewoo’s exclusive Philippine distributor.

The eco-friendly Daewoo bus has significantly reduced harmful emissions levels while delivering high levels of torque and enhanced fuel efficiency. It has an engine capable of 300PS at 2,200rpm, a 6-speed Allison automatic transmission (T350) with retarder, and a flat-form chassis frame with a durable superstructure body of European technology .

It is built with safety, convenience and comfort of passengers in mind. It can carry 47 seated passengers and has room for 53 more standing ones during rush hours. A “tap and pay” system will be implemented for passengers' ease of use. It is equipped with a wheelchair ramp for PWDs (person with disabilities), a CCTV system, an electronic signage, audio-video with PA system, door sensors, emergency gadgets and continuous saloon lightings.

The vehicle is priced reasonably to make it economically viable for existing bus operators to replace their coach-type, pollution-emitting vehicles with this Daewoo bus. It's about time for the Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to flex its muscle and require bus operators to use a proper mass transport bus that is eco-friendly, fuel-efficient and properly equipped.

This air-conditioned bus, which prides itself on convenience, durability, sleek exterior, impressive design and performance, should excite the Filipino commuters who have long suffered from the horrors of a dysfunctional traffic management and improper mass transport system.

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